I earned my computer science degree back in 2000 and also got my master’s degree (MIS) in 2004. I was struggling to get a job in web development for 4 years. The problem was, nobody seemed to be willing to hire people with no experience – which is true even now. So, I had no real world experience in web development, even though I knew some basic programming skills.  It took me until 2008 to land my first full-time development job. During those 4 years of searching, I worked 12-hour shifts at a restaurant everyday, learning web development when I could in between. It was a very painful process since web development is moving at the fast pace. Once I learned one thing well, the world had already moved on to the next thing. I was so frustrated, I even thought about giving up on my career to start my own restaurant business instead. I almost gave up on my dream to become a web developer – the dream that I had pursued relentlessly for 12 years!

Now that I’m a full-time web developer at one of the best agencies in St. Louis, I have learned so much. Some is self taught, and much is from the talented people around me. They taught me so much, I look back in my career and think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there had been someone to coach me, be my mentor, and show me exactly how to do it?” I could have avoided jumping through hoops and more effectively accelerated my career path.

That’s why I want to share my web developing skills with potential web developers, or new developers just starting their careers, by working on a real world project together. Specifically, we will build a website and/or a web application for a non-profit organization, meeting roughly once a week for a 2-hour session. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Set up your laptop for web development (TextEditor,Vagrant, Git, Zsh, etc…)
  • Git Version Control
  • PHP, Laravel, WordPress
  • MySql
  • NodeJS
  • GulpJS(an automated front-end workflow)
  • Vagrant
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Get a domain name registered
  • Sign up for web hosting
  • Set up a web server (LEMP)
  • Go live!

I know it’s intimidating, right? Don’t worry, that’s how everybody feels when they first start out. There are so many things to learn, but just remember: BEGINNING IS THE HARDEST PART!

Interested? Contact me!